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05 August 2008 @ 08:50 pm
The Ministry of Angels by T.F. Tenney  
The angel opened the door of the prison for Peter, but when it came to the door of the church, the church had to open it themselves. There are some things that the church has to open on their own.

God's not going to send you anything you won't believe.

billhamon on March 12th, 2009 11:22 pm (UTC)
http://www.angelfire.com/film/visions/a1.html Holy Ghost baptizm feels like Body your perfect size coming in, then God speaks, moves mouth, but after that is killed all day long persecution and that is, well, Jesus spoke this: persecution is me Jesus trying to make my servants loose thier salvation by manifold temptations like, careesing thier sex organs with electricity, like oral sex, stripping heart of desire to live for me, teasing, scaring by what I say to them, making thier faces bag, sag, wrinkle, hair loss, laughing at them, letting them see me, like people do a little dog, trying to get them and others thru them to speak blasphemy against the HOly Ghost, it is not my will that any perish, but get saved and I the Lord will kill you all day long, those who dont make it are ROMANS 1, saying what I know will hurt them deep in thier hearts, making them hate me, cause I want them to be backslided, saith the Lord, for no reason, I torture people to keep them humble in my eyes, they are not humble in my eyes unless they cant bare to live anymore cause I wounded them thousands of times, I will make you perish to laugh at you, I torture people I save to make most of them fall away,
Jesus spoke this on 3-2009-I wanted to ruin your face so you would hate me, to mock, laugh at your hurt,-------this is me Jesus torturing my servant non stop cause I want to make him backslide to embarras him, and will do it till he does or dies, and will to all that come to me, without exception, saith the Lord http://www.prophetic.beep.com